The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans is Resurrected

After much deliberation, a group of local amateur radio operators resurrected the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  The purpose of the group is to promote amateur radio HF communication,  the City of New Orleans, and the Audubon Zoo.  To find our more, please spend a few minutes reading the information on this web site and keep tuned for more news in the coming days.

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  1. Hi Frank kg5kwb I listen to you and the group almost every night,I heard you mention a 2mtr net can you tell me the frequency you are on.73 TONY KC2HXK..

    1. Tony, this is Scott – w5plt, members of the “Rare Ones” frequent the repeater on 146.86 (-) offset and pl 114.8 Hope this helps!



  2. Hi SCOTT W5plt thank’s for the fast reply.Is the contact’s on 2 Mrs the same as 40 mts,If I can contact 8 of the RARE ONES will I be able to get the certificate you all talk about.73 TONY KC2HXK.

    1. Tony, unfortunately, only contacts on 6M – 160M are allowed for any of the awards. One of the goals of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans is to promote HF Amateur Radio Communications in addition to promoting the City of New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo. Please see our awards page for further clarification. However, we always welcome anyone, on any frequency, contacting any of the “Rare Ones”.


      Scott – w5plt

  3. I’m fired up ..thanks to Harry, John and Scott , first time I got on our Michigan Net tonight also. , then I found your Freq with my Yaesu 857d, with Radiowave G5RV-E .. I got my Teck License couple months ago ,then I got my General, so I can us HF. I joined tonight so I can track. Went to Hamvention, Dayton, Ohio spent a lot of money. thanks again guys, I’ll get all of you soon. 73ss

    1. Dennis, Great to have you in with the “Rare Ones” tonight. We wish you all the best in this great hobby and service we call Amateur Radio! Come back and visit us soon. w5plt – Crazy Monkey!

  4. Ok guys this KE8EKT, MICHIGAN Just an FYI: I really enjoy talking with Dale, John, Harry last night , I’ve got 4 now, hope tonight I can get JIMMY, MARK, JOHN G, and FRANK & LOUIS that’s 9 right ??? on our vacation who should I call to meet for a Drink?? If we are close enough to you.. Our friends live in Bush, La and we are going to see them on our return trip from Montana & Idaho .

  5. Dennis, This is Dale the Noisy Quail K5NQ and it was also a pleasure speaking with you the other evening. Please don’t be a stranger and jump in anytime! Give us a timeline as to when you may be in our area and should any of our schedules permit we woul be glad to accommodate you. If we cannot connect this time we will be glad to provide you with a Rare Ones raincheck!

  6. Thanks for the contacts….I have now had contacts with Harry, Frank,
    Big John,
    Little John,
    Jimmie and Mark. That ma8 of nine…I only missed Dale

  7. Thanks for the chat tonight guys! This is Steve, KD8QZT in Dayton Ohio . I had my 7 year old grandson in the shack listening along so hopefully a HAM-to-be and you guys made a good impression! Thanks!

    1. Steve, thanks for the kind words. It is truly our pleasure talking with you tonight. One of the goals of the “Rare Ones” is to promote HF Communications. Hopefully, with your grandson listening and watching you contacting the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans, he will catch the Amateur Radio bug and pursue the hobby with your guidance. What a great legacy that would be!


      Scott – w5plt

    UNable to get the group on my YAESU FRG-7700 receiver.AWait your reply.73 TONY.

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