Rare One’s Swag

If you ever wondered if the Rare One’s of New Orleans have any swag, they do – Hats, Coffee Mugs and Embroidered Shirts. There’s only one catch, you can’t order it, you can’t buy it, and you can’t even bribe Big John, although he will disagree! But to earn Rare One Swag, you just need to visit New Orleans and make an eyeball QSO with only one of the Rare Ones! Pretty Simple, no Lotw, no QRZ, and no eQSL, just one eyeball to another, preferably across the table at one of our fine dining establishments. Put us on your bucket list or favorite Vay-Kay Destination (Vacation for all you Ole Timers).

73, Scott W5PLT

P.S. They young lady in the picture does not come with the hat.