Rudy Reboul – N5YIC a Rare One in his own right!

Rudy, N5YIC is the latest member to join the ranks of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  He is a active and popular amateur radio operator within the Greater New Orleans Area.  Rudy is a rare sight in New Orleans since he is frequently traveling in his truck cruising around town.  So it is a rare sighting if you catch a glimpse of the newest “Rare One” Road Runner Rudy!

Rudy is a constant fixture in the New Orleans Amateur Radio Community.  He can often be found holding court at the local Dot’s Dinner with his friend and colleagues!  You can view Rudy’s Bio here: Meet the Rare Ones

Breaking News – New Associates!

The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans are proud to announce three (3) new Associate Members.  There name and call signs are as follows:

#134     Jon Dallons – KB6TAZ

#133     Harry Herbert – AB5FU

#132     Burt Cram – K4IO

Congratulations to Jon, Harry, and Burt!

WA5HOD and N5GFK Resign from the Rare Ones

Jimmy ” the Alligator” Villar, WA5HOD and Mark “the LSU Tiger” Poche, N5GFK resigned, in good standing, from the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans effective September 18, 2018.  The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans extends their gratitude to both Jimmy and Mark for participating in the activities of the Rare Ones of New Orleans over the past 18 months.  Jimmy and Mark both have extensive family obligations at this time, and wish the “Rare Ones” and all the extended amateur radio family their best regards in the future.

N5QYX – Kenny Soniat, the newest Rare One’s Member

Kenny Soniat – N5QYX is the newest member of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  Kenny is a life long resident of the Greater New Orleans area and appreciates the opportunity promote the City of New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo through his activities as a member of the “Rare Ones”.  Kenny is an avid football fan and loves to fish in the costal marshes of Louisiana.  His bio can be found here:  Meet the Rare Ones

Rare Ones of New Orleans Social

The Rare Ones of New Orleans recently met for a casual luncheon and business social.  Everyone attended to celebrate the contributions to the Rare Ones from Dale, Harry and LJ upon their resignations.  Friendship and Camaraderie were in order and all enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Common Grounds Coffeehouse and Cafe.

Stay tuned for the reveal of new members of the Rare Ones of New Orleans.


Rare Ones

Resignations in the Air!

On July 15th, Harry Rees -W5IR and John Garafola – W5FLY resigned, in good standing, from the Rare Ones of New Orleans.  Additionally, Dale Budenski – K5NQ has resigned, in good standing, from the Rare Ones of New Orleans effective August 8th.

Resurrecting the Rare Ones of New Orleans as the 3rd Generation has been quite an experience.  From the nightly QSO’s to the most recent Special Event Activity Celebrating the 300 year anniversary of the founding of the City of New Orleans, the Rare Ones of New Orleans achieved it’s primary mission to promote the City of New Orleans, the Audubon Zoo, and gentlemen like conduct on the Amateur Radio HF Bands.  We wish Harry, John and Dale all the best in their future endeavors.

In the following weeks, the Rare Ones of New Orleans will announce new members so stay tuned and enjoy your favorite New Orleans cocktail!

Special Event Activity Recap

The Rare One’s of New Orleans thank all the participant in our recent Special Event Activity celebrating the 300 Anniversary of the Founding of the City of New Orleans.  The participating Rare One’s had a great time and look forward to do more special event activities in the future.

We are in the process of receiving and processing the incoming log sheets.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your commemorative QSL Card.


– Scott w5plt