Zea’s Thai Ribs

If you happen to travel to New Orleans, there are a plethora of great restaurants to choose from. One of my favorites is Zea’s. Maybe not a famous as Antoine’s or Commander’s Palace, it’s one of the local favorites! If you are tired of the traditional barbecue ribs, give this a try! Here’s the recipe in pdf format: Zea’s Thai Ribs Recipe

Sometimes a QSO changes a life!

As much as the Rare Ones’ of New Orleans love chatting with all our fellow Ham Radio Operators and Associate Members, sometimes we really don’t appreciate how a QSO can change a life! The above image of Gage was a recent snippet of an article from QST Magazine.

Rare One’s First Crawfish Boil

On April 8th, The Rare One’s of New Orleans hosted a Crawfish Boil. In addition to the RO’s, many local hams attended as well. Tom, WB6NFU, and Maureen from New Port Richie, FL also attended. The RO’s thanks Frank, KG5KWB, for having the Crawfish Boil at his QTH!

Below are the pictures taken:

The Rare One’s Of New Orleans Celebrate 6 Years on the air!

Six years on the air hosting the Rare One’s of New Orleans Round Table is quite an accomplishment. We enjoy talking about New Orleans cuisine, culture and traditions but we also like to hear all the things in your hometown as well. From the QSO’s, friendships, camaraderie, and just plain having fun, we truly enjoy each and everyone who participates every night on the air!

As a token of our appreciation, the RO’s created a Coffee Mug for the special occasion. For 3 nights from February 22, 2023 to February 24, 2023, Big John used a “Random Number” Generator to pick a winner from the list on Netlogger. The three winners are as follows:

  • Kevin – KK4VJK
  • Jack – K9JFM
  • Cary – W4CFH

On behalf of all the Rare One’s of New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

Jim’s – KE4TS, Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

Jim seems to have a knack for preparing fine Louisiana Cuisine! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps we need to modify the old truism to “a picture is worth a thousand bites”! If Jim’s Shrimp Alfredo Pasta looks as good as it taste, I think the Rare One’s of New Orleans will have to make Jim an honorary Cajun. With Jim’s presentation of his Shrimp Alfredo Pasta, he might give Emeril a run for his money — Bam!

Rare One’s Christmas Social

Sometimes the Rare One’s of New Orleans are not so Rare! We celebrated our 2022 Christmas Social at Gattuso’s Restaurant in the Historic Town of Greta, Louisiana. We had many things to be thankful this year, but what made our annual event just a little bit more special was the appearance of two Rare One’s Associate Members – Paul KY4BF from Farragut, TN and Mike KD9GCN from Cedarburg, WI. Here are some of the pictures taken from the event. Just remember, if you want to acquire any Rare One’s swag or have a chance at our door prizes you need to get on the list for next year!

From Left: Larry KG5EXB, Steve KG5VAT, Mitch N5TFG, Mike KD9GCN, Scott W5PLT, Paul KY4BF, Bottom: Big John N5DHB and Johnnie KJ5DD

Jumping Jack – K9JFM becomes Associate Member #281!

Jack, from Mills River, NC became an Associate Member of the Rare One’s of New Orleans. Jack earned the Nickname of “Jumping Jack” from Dale, KB5PMP – our pre-net coordinator. Not sure how Dale came up with Jack’s Nickname but let your imagination run with it! Perhaps Dale was channeling Mick Jagger at the time. Actually, Jack is a retired 82nd Airborne Division Veteran and loves jumping out of airplanes! By the way, check out Jack’s Station….and this nice sports car on QRZ!