N5DHB – Big John’s Wash Day Red Beans & Rice

1lb Camelia red beans ONLY.

2-med onions

1/4 cup shallots

Garlic 1/2 head

1 -teaspoon salt

1- teaspoon pepper 

1- teasp garlic powder 

Louisiana red hot sauce

1- pack pickled meat. (Manda or Richards)

1- pack Big Mikes or Hillshire Farms Smoke Sausage. 

1- smoked ham hock

Soak beans in water 1-2 hours
Then put beans in pot and boil at high fire.  

Add Smoked ham hock. 

When beans start getting soft from boiling add chopped onions, garlic and shallots. 

Add smoke sausage

Add pickled meat. 

Cook at least an hour on medium heat. 

When beans soften, smash some of the beans in side of pot to make creamy. Serve over rice.