Good Evening and welcome to our Rare Ones of New Orleans Round Table Discussion Group.  My name is ____________,  my call sign is ________.  This is a directed round table discussion.  All are encouraged to visit our web site for information about our group and any updates.  You can do this by looking up any of our member call signs on and click on the link to the “Rare Ones of New Orleans”.

In short, the Rare Ones of New Orleans is a group of amateur radio operators in the Greater New Orleans Area to promote the City of New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo.  Created in 1965, the original Rare Ones brought in the 250th anniversary of the City of New Orleans.  Today, the current Rare Ones celebrate our unique heritage, culture and traditions in New Orleans.  We recently celebrated our 300th year anniversary of the founding of the City of New Orleans.

We utilize Netlogger during the Round Table Discussions.  It provides valuable information on the current operating frequency being used that evening, active Rare One Members on the air, AIM (Almost Instant Messaging), and a Monitor window to view stations lurking or standing by.  We hope everyone enjoys their visit tonight and will enjoy the conversation throughout the evening.  Additionally, CQ calls to any station not utilizing Netlogger will be made periodically during the Round Table Discussion to allow everyone to join in.

Contacts with questions or comments must go through the acting facilitator to be recognized.  Stations are not allowed to call out for other stations without going first through the facilitator.

We hope everyone enjoys their visit tonight, and will enjoy the conversation shared throughout the evening.  Please be patient.  This is not a check-in net or a 5/9 contest atmosphere, but a round table discussion.  So pull up a chair and have a chat with the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.

With that, I would like to open our Round Table and ask for any stations, anywhere that would like to contact the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans, please come now with your full call, name and QTH.