WD4ERM – Ken’s Hog Wild Pepper

Here is Ken’s “Stuffed Bell Pepper with a Definite Difference”

This stuffed bell pepper brings a noticeable change to the ordinary pepper with ground beef, rice and tomato. Change the meat to “hot” seasoned fresh pork sausage. Change the white rice to a wild rice blend (your favorite brand). Add finely chopped vidalia onion, rotel tomato, salt and McCormick’s coarse ground pepper blend. Top with freshly grated red rind cheddar cheese. If you use a good grade of sausage you will not need any more seasoning.

Preparation is the same as with the conventional tame stuffed pepper:

Rinse pepper thoroughly and remove top and clean out inside.

Brown sausage meat along with the chopped onion and let drain.

Cook rice as package directs.

When all ingredients are cooked, thoroughly blend them with the rotel tomatoes & ground pepper, salt and fill the pepper shells.

Cover the tops with the grated cheese and place peppers in a glass baking dish.

Bake in a medium heat, 350 degrees Fahrenheit, until pepper shells are just beginning to become soft.

Use as a main dish with large peppers or as appetizers with very small peppers.

The blend of this spicy pork sausage with wild rice and vidalia onion is bound to make you “hog wild” over this recipe.



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