NZ0G – Garry Received a New Certificate

Best said in Garry’s own words: I received my first certificate in April 2017. Certificate #5. My first contact was with K5NQ on April 1, 2017. I check in with the “Rare Ones” as often as I can. There are only four of the original nine left. Thanks Big John, Frank, Louis and Capt. Scott for keeping the “Rare Ones” on the air. Thanks for my new certificate.


NZ0G Garry

KN4RNO earns his Associate Member Certificate #190

The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans proudly congratulates Carl Bellamy for the distinguished honor of becoming Associate Member #190 with the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans. Carl is a Vietnam Veteran and recently received his ARRL WAS Award for FT-8. Amazing accomplishments! We salute Carl for his past service to our Country as well as his accomplishments in Amateur Radio!

w2dea – Ray Lukacs earns his Associate Membership

Ray Lukas, w2dea, recently became the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans Associate Member 187. Ray is a proud resident of Brooklyn, New York and is a Sergeant in the New York Auxiliary Policy Department. Our congratulations go out to Ray of his achievements and to his service to his community. The “Rare Ones” appreciate Ray’s continued support for the Rare Ones of New Orleans RoundTable.

kv6arm – Alan MacNabb makes Associate Member 184

Alan, kv6arm, is Associate Member 184 of the “Rare One’s” of New Orleans. Alan resides in Lakeside, California and always has a great signal to New Orleans! As much as the “Rare One’s” love to talk about New Orleans and all its Southern Flair, Alan keeps us up-to-date on everything the West Coast and the Golden State has to offer…

Congratulations Alan once again from the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans!