Rare One’s Christmas Social

Sometimes the Rare One’s of New Orleans are not so Rare! We celebrated our 2022 Christmas Social at Gattuso’s Restaurant in the Historic Town of Greta, Louisiana. We had many things to be thankful this year, but what made our annual event just a little bit more special was the appearance of two Rare One’s Associate Members – Paul KY4BF from Farragut, TN and Mike KD9GCN from Cedarburg, WI. Here are some of the pictures taken from the event. Just remember, if you want to acquire any Rare One’s swag or have a chance at our door prizes you need to get on the list for next year!

From Left: Larry KG5EXB, Steve KG5VAT, Mitch N5TFG, Mike KD9GCN, Scott W5PLT, Paul KY4BF, Bottom: Big John N5DHB and Johnnie KJ5DD

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