N5DHB – Big John receives a brand new Icom-7300 and Heil Mic/Boom!

Our faithful ring leader of the Rare One’s of New Orleans received a brand new Icom-7300 and Heil Microphone/Boom from his fellow Rare One’s Members and also, from two anonymous donors who are Associate Member’s of the Rare One’s of New Orleans. After Big John’s incessant audio checks and off-frequency adventures, Louis finally had enough and embarked on a mission to bring Big John’s Radio Shack into the 21’st Century! Louis coordinated the effort to bring a modern radio to Big John’s shack by contributing his own resources and soliciting donations. On behalf of the Rare One’s of New Orleans, I commend Louis for his selfless efforts! It was worth all the effort to see Big John’s response. It was the first time I can honestly say, Big John was speechless! As the 7300 is proudly displayed in his shack, I anxiously await to see Big John’s callsign in WSJTX — NOT! –Maybe?

-W5PLT, Scott

4 Replies to “N5DHB – Big John receives a brand new Icom-7300 and Heil Mic/Boom!”

  1. Great picture! I’m not sure who’s better looking, that SILVER FOX or the shiney new ICOM 7300. Well deserved. Hope you weren’t disappointed there wasn’t any bread pudding. Love some bread pudding…

  2. Congratulations on your new rig.hopefully I’ll be back on the air by the end of September 73s for now KG2PY

  3. Big John. Congratulations on the new ICOM 7300. You certainly deserve it for your many yerars on the Rare Ones Of New Orleans.This is my favorite net. You, along with Scott, Louis,Kenny, Frank, Gregg and Stan are the best!!!

    Doug KC9VFI Associate No. 104

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