The Winners of the “Throw me something Mister” Extravaganza” are…..

On behalf of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans, below are the winners of the “Throw Me Something Mister” Extravaganza! We had a blast celebrating Mardi Gras 2021 with all of our friends out there in Amateur Radio Land! In the spirt of Mardi Gras, all the winners of the Extravaganza will receive a special gift courtesy of the Rare Ones of New Orleans!

  • KD8WXR – Joseph Miller
  • AI5BK – Stan Cuquet
  • KI4TYK – Dan Starling
  • KB3PET – Bob Kasparek
  • KD0RHK – Jason Lichtsinn
  • WX7LL – Arthus Confori
  • KP4EYT – Heriberto Millet
  • KJ8U – Tim Deagan
  • KI5HVA – Jeff Kurczek
  • N1GQT – Henry Sippel
  • WA0TKY – Max Noel
  • N4AHO – Doug Patterson

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