New “Associate” Members Page

Today, we updated the “Associates” Member Page to reflect the growing number of Associate Members.  Among the features added:  Search Function, pagination, and reindexing of column data.

On behalf of all the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans, I thank our Associate Members for all your support and friendship.


Scott – w5plt

2 Replies to “New “Associate” Members Page”

  1. Hello New Orleans Rare Ones,
    This is Mark Davis from Tomball, Tx 77375 and I have only just set up my Icom IC-718 a week ago after building the “End Fed – 4 Multi-leg Antenna as shown on the Internet. One 50ft, 40ft,30ft,20ft wire (spaced 3″ apart with PVC) to a 18″ x 1.5” PVC holding RG-6 Co-Ax (44ft) and qty 6 380ohm Ferrite Beads for Balun, 1watt 1000ohm resistor to bleed off static to Outer Co-Ax Ground (run to 8ft Rod.) You come in Loud and Clear on 40meter – Do not have a Ham License yet – just listen and have logged in my book from all over the country – but when I get my General – I will give you guys a shout. Don’t know how this unit will Transmit – curious to see how it will do. Will also listen to your 20meter channel. Later……

    1. Mark,

      Congratulations on building a fine station. By all means, when you receive your General Ticket please gives a call. We would love to chat with you!



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