Breaking News – First “Rare Ones” Certificates Awarded

The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans proudly announce the first certificates awarded to three (3) amateur radio operators.  The recipients are as follows:

KF5PDF – Russel Hayward

KB8CR – Charles Rubenstein

KB5GH – Bob Fox

We thank all the certificate recipients for their effort and radio skills for making confirmed contacts with 8 of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  We especially want to thank KF5PDF, Russel Hayward, for making all his contacts via mobile operation out of Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Great Job Russel!  We also commend KB8CR, Charlie Rubenstein, for his tremendous signal into New Orleans.  His new 40 Meter Delta Loop Antenna will give Charlie plenty of DX in the years to come.  Again, thanks Charlie for demonstrating great skill and persistence!

Additionally, the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans wish to thank KB5GH, Bob Fox, for providing an original certificate of the “Rare Ones” earned in 1979.  The certificate provides the current “Rare Ones” of New Orleans a glimpse into the former members of the group.  The current members are actively pursuing any information on the former members of the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  Bob, thanks again for the piece of the “Rare Ones” History.  If any one else has any information on the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans, please contact us.  Our email addresses on QRZ are current and active.

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  1. Good chatting with John, Frank, Scott, Mark, and Dale last night. Reminded me of the good times there, Mudbugs when it was a bar dance hall, the long road to Venice, hanging out in SW pass and the head of passes area, can’t remember the restaurant on 38? we use to eat at on the way down to Venice right off the express way in Gretna.

    Fond memories and good times

  2. Jack,

    As always, the pleasure was on behalf of the “Rare Ones”. Having fond memories of New Orleans and Louisiana is exactly why the “Rare Ones” exist!

    Please don’t be a stranger. Come by and visit the “Rare Ones” on the air again!


    Scott – w5plt
    Hanging Monkey….

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